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 My ancient work that is

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: My ancient work that is   Thu Apr 16, 2009 5:52 pm

It's no finish yet. I'm working for the next chapter.
I already finish it actually. due to some system problem,the folder disappear.
so,It's in chapter 6 right now.

Warning = Too many grammar problem in it. Didn't change it because it has a sentimental value in it. [make me laugh]
So,if you have some time, feel free to check it out. Some of you here already read it. Ah well.


Synopsis = It is about a young girl who's searching for her identity in unknown world without realizing that her existence is unwanted by the beast itself.


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Posts : 165
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Age : 28
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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender


chapter00=the tale of deep forest

All the trees entwine their arms and streach toward the sky.Gathering the leaves,it devours the light. Blinding the hunters ,in the dark. The hunter does not see the beast in the dark place reveiling the fangs.

“.. i guess u should know were to stop,traitor!!”..the beast the traitor realize that it is a dead ends for him,he reveal his sword and challenge the beast to duel with him.

“where are u!! Don’t be such a coward!!reveal yourself” the voice trembling and scared.

“so,u did have courage”a women voice come from behind him.the red hair women with gold eyes.she look at the guy as if his nothing to her.beside her,a women with silver hair hold her wood sword and prepare to attack the guy. ”is he the one,dono?” the silver hair women ask the women beside her,called dono. “i’m sorry ando,apparently it is just a small bugs.can u finish him for me?” dono asked the women called “ando” calmly. Ando sighed.she know she cant refuse her will.she have to erased the man for dono’s sake. “oh dear..its already dusk.we should hurry,ando..or we cant get meals..” dono’s remind ando.

“heh!!like i got any choice!!” ando start whip the man’s body with her sword. As the dono look the fight from distance.she sighed and see how much her underlings grow up. "that skill,truly ginzou’s clan masterpiece” she smiled as she saw ando whip the sword without stopping.

“oh dear..she start become sadist again” miran jump of the fight and stop the fight [its not really a fight since the guy didn’t have a chance to counter attack] “enough”

“tsk..what now?” ando pissed off.

“i simply ask u to kill him,not tortured him” dono replied.

When dono and ando preoccupied with their little argument,the guy take a chance and he try to attack dono with the leaves.apparently the leaves hurt her cheek and its blood.

Ando shocked but dono simply quiet and wiped the blood with her hand.

“oh thankful,i lost my interest to finish u traitor!!” dono tell the guy with calm smile

“dono!!!” ando yelled her..

“there..there..dont be mad..its just a little games i want to play with him” dono smirk. “what the...” ando didn’t finish her sentence and suddenly remember her superiors favourite game.she begin to wide as ever. “at least this game can teach him a lesson..” ando replied dono.

“whaaa...aattt u guys want to do to me??” the guys asking the 2 ladies in front of him.

“just attack me when u already well aware of the situation make u even worse..dear.” dono answer him. “ando..u decide,since he was your prey after all”

Ando think and she start to smile rapidly. “heh heh heh”

“oh gross..she laughed.dude..if i were u,ill run and commit seppuku when im hearing that laugh.its terrifying sadistic laugh.heh” dono start telling him useless info.

“listen up dude..before anything happen to u start from now.i want u to clearly know ur own stupid act.the only thing that make us we accept u to be one of the member of ginzou simply just because ur so determination and making lord ginzou have so much faith in u.but u screwd up!ur traitor and we don’t need u anymore..clear??”

“i will never pledge my loyalty to u clan of beast!!!” the guy answered ando with trembling voice.

“thats enough for me to hear anyway..all u have to do now is run.” Ando smiled.

“eeh??” the guy confused

Dono sighed.. “ill let u days!!”

Ando interrupting “u don’t even got a slice of idea?”

The guy is speechless.

“7days in the forest without being killed.thats the deal.i will let u go after that and pretend that i don’t know u after that.until then,stay here and survive like real samurai.can u do that?” dono ask with full of patient.

“ u mean by stay and survive?”the guy asking dono.

Seems like dono barely lost her patient. Ando interrupting, “ur not from here..i understand but u surely ever heard of dangerous jungle that hidden somewhere in the village.right?”

“fukai mori?” the guy answered.

“yay!!ur clever and be grateful,we are here.this is fukai mori!!the real one and apparently all of us is in the middle of it.”ando smiled.

“tt..the real one?”..


The guy running with full speed and his face look pale.he knows theres a secret hidden in the forest.the rumours said no one ever survived in the forest.they will get eaten by meat eating beast or simply killed by the guardian of the forest also known as “Realm of Death”.

“dono..are we get to far?” ando asked.

“u feel sorry for him?” dono asked her back.

“no..its just,look how pale his face is..pftt..pftt”ando answered as her face also turn read.

“u can laugh..nobody can hear u..mori is not here..” dono told ando as she know that ando really enjoyed this kind of tortured.

“bwahahahahahahah!!!!look at his face!!his going to pee somewhere!!! Ahahahaha!! Ouuchh!!my stomach!!!!”ando laughed till the tear out from her eyes.

“he made my day~”ando told dono. “i know” dono simply replied. “are u ok?”ando referring to her cheek. “yeah..i guess..we should head back to the castle.its already dusk” dono referring the sky. “yeah..i guess so” ando reply and both of them head back to the castle.

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: CHAPTER 01 = UNFORTUNATE LITTLE GIRL   Tue May 12, 2009 1:35 am

Miran Ginzou is the second sucessor of ginzou empire [genuine ruler of shroud fortress]. She is the daughter of the previous ruler and his third mistress. She own important position of the clan and the government as she can control the south army of shroud. Her mighty skill of control the well known of blood lusting army of the west when she just 10 years old was acknowledge by her own brother. Her second man,Ando Tsubasa well known as White Demon is known as genius swordsman in the shroud. Even both of the name recognize by the villagers,no one ever see them as the person itself.

In the shroud village market, it was busy as usual. Shroud village in appearance looks just like normal villagers but the different in the village is, no weaklings survive in the village. That has been no one including 3 years old kid has never stained their hand with blood.

“ tired. Where do u want to go..u said it yourself that u want to head back to the castle..” ando asking dono,also known as miran ginzou. “nah..i want to buy something” miran replied with smiled. Ando sighed.


Miran shocked and she dodge the mysterious man that run toward her. Ando look miran with weird face on her.she whispered to miran, “dono,a robber”

“yeah..that kid..she mess up” dono referring to the little girl that crying about 5meter from them.

“that cant be help it. Who ever dare to live here..must be strong or else.” Ando replied.

Miran look at the girls carefully and she tried to approach her. “kid..stop crying or someone going to erased u this instant.” miran realized that many of the villagers stare at the girl as they going to killed her because being to annoying. “don’t cry” miran calm her down and wiped the tears. Ando stunned looking at miran’s weird behaviour.

“absurd dono!!” one man talking behind ando.

“mori? Since when?” ando realize the man behind her. He called mori. “what are u doing here?u suppose to finish new task that dono gave?dont tell me u already finish him??” ando asking mori.

“what do u think i am?of course i finish him that instant.” Mori replied and go toward miran.

“dono!! Is this the thing that she cried so hard??” mori showed miran a yellow knapsack.

The girl stop crying.she begin to smile. “thank u mister!!” she take the knapsack. Miran smiled toward mori. “since when u become soft hearted,mori?” miran asked then she realize something. “u don’t using sword this time huh?” miran asked mori. Mori smiled. Miran looking at his hand,stained with blood. “he really is terrifying assassin” miran monologue.

“me?soft hearted?u gotta be not the one that calm her down.guess what?i hate ur double face!!” mori told miran with heatred in his face. “Ginzou’s should act like that what ur trying to tell me,mori? Guess what??i don’t care” miran replied with smiled.

“tsk!! Thats why i hate u!!” mori replied.

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: CHAPTER 02 = HUMAN   Tue May 12, 2009 1:36 am

[centerThe situation become tense up.ando realize that. Miran tried to ignore the situation. She give the order to ando. “ando,please take the list and buy referring to the list.after that head back to the castle as soon as possible.”

“roger that!!” ando replied and take the list that miran give.

Miran smiled as she talked to the girl. “what is your name,kid?”

“minaa..” the girl replied

“where is your house..i sent u there” miran offered her help.

“thank you sister!!” mina smiled to miran. “here..follow me” mina drag miran’s hand.

“mori,i believe u finish your task,it wont killed u if u follow me.right?” miran stared mori with her cold eyes. Mori sighed. “ur using ur power with the wrong person.oh well..i kid..tell me where is the place??”

Three of them arrive to minaa’s house safely.its far from the city,and the house is smaller than the others. Mina open the door of her house. Miran and mori saw a body of helpless women lying on the dirty carpet. “she’s poor” mori suddenly reacting to what his saw. Miran smiled to the girl. “let see what is the precious things in your bag” miran point the knapsack.

“oh,this is money that i collect by working.i need to pay the medical expenses.” Minaa’s simply answering miran’s question with smiled. “thanks to u,mr. I have money to cured my mum’s desease.” Minaa’s referring to mori.

“ what u like with it” mori replied.

miran smiled as she see mori’s blushing. “maybe no one ever thanking him that kind of way” miran monologue.

“oh well..u better take care of yourself.and please,don’t u ever using forbidden technique to achieve your ambition,”miran told minaa and she hold her head,gently.

Mori and minaa shock. “whaaa..att do u mean by that??” mina asking miran.

“im an avenger,thus i can sense people that got same interest just like me.thats y.”miran replied with smile. “i believe your mum condition got things to do with it.whatever u want to do,stop it.”

Minaa start to crying, “what do u know??” miran hug mina and try to comfort the girl. “well..u will regret this village,there is not many human least,u can be one before its too late.” Miran smiled.

“well..2 idiot gathering..amusing” mori start to talk. “well mori,i need my human time also..heh” miran replied. “i can understand what u mean.”mori answered.

Miran and mori walkaway from the village.minaa chasing after them, “ is your name?” the girl pant as she chasing them. “ginzou,miran ginzou and this fellow is uhm..he hates people calling by his call him..” miran cant continue the word. “realm of death..thats my name” mori grin. “take care lil girl” miran told mina and she walkaway..

The girl froze just like an icey hearing those name.after that she snapped as she remember the person who helped her

“ginzou nee sama..death nii not afraid at you!! Your good kind of people!!! Bye!!” the girls waving at them.

Miran waving and didn’t watch the girl face. “oh least one human acknowledge me..that cant be bad” miran smiled

“u got to stop this!!what is your point being kind like that??” mori asked. “because its impossible for me to become human any longer..” miran replied.

Mori looked miran with curiousity.

Miran hold her head “this ginzou’s blood refuse me to become human. I cant be one any longer..”

Mori front of his eyes,he can see sudden change of miran’s eyes. It turn to silver.both of her eyes.

Mori slapped miran. “wake up!!” miran’s eye turn to normal.and she’s shivering. “I cant control this kind of things any longer.”

“ur descendant of ginzou after all..” mori replied. “Its beyond impossible to learn the one can control this technique except your brother.”

“don’t forget ando,she can control this kind of technique, she also possesses one silver eyes” miran replied. “its impossible to control the technique,plus she gain the eyes even she’s not ginzou..”

“now i remember why i follow u guys.” Mori replied with smile. “i never knew u learn this kind of thing.” Mori asked..

“well..i didn’t..and i cant get rid of it” miran sighed.this is forbidden technique. One must have great vengeance or live in suffering or sadness to gain the ability.

Mori realized that miran is struggling living in heatred. Mori smiled and he tried to comfort miran. “dono,i will slap u again if u got that weird ayas worry..this is not end of the world”

“scary~” miran said. “what” mori asked. “Well..ur an assassin..literally,mine..its scary someone like u comforting me” miran smiled

“arghhh..i don’t care anymore” mori pissed off. “ kidding!!” miran laughed and glomps mori. “tsk..ur annoying little brat” mori said.

“don’t be mad..ho ho ho..i think i should head back to the castle or my bro going to be mad..” miran said.”follow me?”.. “no” mori replied.. “oh god,his mad!!? Miran monologue and smiling. “thats my assassin” miran smiled.mori accompany miran to the castle.[/center]

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: CHAPTER 03 = YOUKAI   Tue May 12, 2009 1:41 am

"Get out you demon!!you are unwanted child" the sound of bunch of kid.

theres a tiny weak body,with white dress..about to collaps because of the

frozen city and without any extra blanket to cover her body..

snow ball was throw over her..

" sama..nii sama.."that girl is exhausted.

Tears were streaming down her cheeks..

Those tiny body are about to collaps...suddenly..

A warm hand hugs her tiny body

"dont worry..I’ll save u.."


In her room,Miran’s eyes snapped open.She holding her head.The tears moistened his face. She dashed away the tears.

“Haven’t had that dream in a while..”

After having that dream,she can’t sleep. She’s wander around in the castle.

“Aahh.. It’s about 3 am..I wonder who is still awake.” Miran babbling alone. Miran go to the nearest dojo in south castle and practice her swords skill. It’s about an hour she practice but she doesn’t even panting.

“Darn!! I cant even sleep!! Stupid dream!!” Miran start monologue.

Miran leave the dojo and she keep walking to the nearest lake. It’s an abandon lake. Rumours say that it’s favourite lake of lady Aoi, Miran’s dear mother. The lake is full of water lily, and it’s blooming. Miran stunned look at how beauty the lake is. Shroud empire is known as frozen city because of the weather but for Miran, the lake is the warmest place she’s ever go. She sat under the tree and sighed.

Someone approach her and Miran notice about it. She just closed her eyes. That person appear to be Ayakaoru, the shrine maiden. The person that take care of her since she remember. Ayakaoru put a blanket over Miran’s body.

“you could catch a cold, dono” Ayakaoru told Miran with soft voice. She become softhearted whenever she’s in front of Miran. But she usually a nightmare to every target of hers. Even though she is the shrine maiden, she also the merciless assassin, every single word can make her opponent lost his sanity.

“Aya..I didn’t kill anyone that suppose to be good?” Miran suddenly asked Ayakaoru a question. Ayakaoru shocked hearing her question but she begin to smile and put her hand on Miran’s head, “good are you feel?”

“hurm..a bit weird I guess” Miran answer with giggling..

“dono,is that eyes too painful for you?” Ayakaoru start being serious.

“how know?” Miran asked her.

“just answer me.” Ayakaoru said.

Miran sighed and answer Ayakaoru’s question “very much..It’s very cold and lonely..seems like a many sword stabbing my heart..and ----“ Miran suddenly stopped. She is sweating a lot.

“dono!!..what happen??” Ayakaoru panicked.

Miran’s eyes turn to silver. Her body shivering.

Someone knocking Miran’s nape.She is fainting.

It’s Miran’s brother,Toushi Ginzou the current ruler of shroud empire and head of Ginzou’s clan.

“just what the hell are you doing??..try to examine her??” ask Toushi.

“you must be curious too,ginzou sama..why is she having the same smell as you..right?” Ayakaoru ask him back. “she is one of origin youkai after all..” Aya smirk.

“bring her back to her room” Toushi give Ayakaoru an order.

“sure,Toushi sama..” said Ayakaoru.

“before I go,Youkai’s power is from an origin Ginzou’s clan.We can sanse each other and even though that kid is not Ginzou’s origin,she have Miran sama’s blood. Sooner or later,she will realize it.” Said Ayakaoru.

“Ando Tsubasa?” said Toushi.

“indeed” said Ayakaoru. She display her silver’s eye. Same goes for Toushi. But unlike Miran,they can control it.

“we can’t take this any longer. Find any solution. I want my little sister stay harmless without involving herself in this dangerous business. I want no vengeance in her,and never!!” said Toushi furiously.

“I understand” Ayakaoru’s leaving with split of second while carrying Miran.

Toushi sighed.. “blue water lily..reminds me of Aoi kaa sama.I wish you were here watching your little daughter grow up.”

Toushi look at the lake that full of blue water lily.

It was a peaceful night.

Toushi smiled and walk away from the lake and go straight ahead to his room.

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: CHAPTER 04 = RUNAWAY PRINCESS   Tue May 12, 2009 1:49 am

Miran open her eyes. She realise that she still on the bed, lie-dead just like a doll. She don’t even have a courage to wake up. She pretend to be a doll and rather close her eyes than facing her brother and others that she know. Miran realise that when she wakes up,people going to ask her so many question that she can’t probably answer and she knows that she don’t even have the proper answer. Even Miran herself keep questioning her existence. For Miran,having a Youkai power is unforgivable. She knows,she can’t control those tremendous power and if she can’t,her heart going to disappear day by day.

Miran keep shut her eyes and hope that anything happen before is just a dream.

A nightmare..


On the meantime, Ando just back from her task,order by Toushi. Just as usual,she report her finish task to Toushi. Her face is unusual tense. She walk fast and come to Toushi’s office without even knocking.

“Ando,that is not nice, barge in to someone office like that.” Said Ayakaoru. Toushi is just looking at his paperwork and ignoring Ando.

“hey you!!” Ando ignoring Ayakaoru’s advise and start yelling at Toushi and point her finger directly to Toushi’’s head.

“huurm?” said Toushi calmly while he adjust his eyeglasses.

“The hell?? I just heard a rumours..from maid here!! Why you didn’t tell me about dono??”

“She is my sister.And why you want to know?” ask Toushi while he write something on the paperwork.

“I’ve made a contract,remember??” Said Ando furiously with her one silver eyes. It slightly different like Miran. Ando’s eyes just like a deep silver fog. It’s same as Toushi and Ayakaoru’s. The different is Toushi and Ayakaoru got both silver eyes.

“Oh..I forgot that.” Said Toushi while he open his glasses.

“shall we go then?” ask Aya.

Toushi is stand up and adjust his hakama. “to see Miran.”

The three of them go together to the west wing of the castle, Miran’s room whereabout.

Strangely,when they about to arrive, they realize that the guard is panicked and some of them running around the castle. Toushi catch one of them and ask, “whats with the ruckus down here?”

“uhm..h-h-highness..the lady..” the guard seems stammer out.

Ando starting to pull the guard collar. “What happen to dono??” asked her furiously.

“she’s missing” said the guard. The guard is sweating and shiver a lot.

The three of them run to Miran’s room and just like what the guard said; Miran is not there. Not even her shadow.

Toushi put his hand on her mattress. “it’s still warm. She is nearby. Guard! Search for her all over the place..NOW!!”

All the guard follow Toushi’s order. And Ando was about to leaving to. She want to join the guard searching for Miran.

Toushi said to Ando “wait”

Ando ignored and suddenly her body turn numb. She can’t move.

Toushi furiously look at Ando with his Youkai and said to ando “I said wait.”

Ando didn’t say anything because it’s rare to see Toushi mad.

Aya try to snap Toushi by slap his shoulder and said “Don’t get yourself out of control,we have a bigger problem to solve”

Toushi seems awake from his Youkai but his anger didn’t fade. Toushi tries to calm down and make Ando’s body turn into normal. Ando’s panting.

Ayakaoru ask a question to Ando. “Do you sense anything odd about a couples of week ago?”

“odd? Like what?” ask Ando.

“maybe something like someone sucking your power? Or lately, your heartbeat faster than usual?” said Ayakaoru.

“is this a tricky question?”ask Ando

“just answer,please?”

“no” said Ando.

Toushi and Aya shocked.

Ando is clueless. “whats wrong?”

“No,nothing you can be concern about.Toushi dono,can you please excuse me.I want to go to the shrine.”

Toushi nodded and Ayakaoru walk away from the room. She open her glove that she usually use.

“I need to try this and make sure my thought is only playing with me.” Say Ayakaoru monologue.


In the meantime,Toushi and ando still in Mirans room and wait for any news from guard.

Suddenly Toushi breath heavily and give an order to Ando;

“Since Miran is the head deputy,so conceal the fact that she's gone..seriously..we have to find her as fast as we could! or it can endanger this empire! Ando ,gather all the Ginzou elite samurai and wait for me to give you next order ! remember ..I don’t care if you consider this is as a threat..but if you take any action without my permission..I’ll make sure you disappear. Got it?”

Ando said; “yes,I’ll do what you said this time. I’m not that stupid to abandon Shroud people. I’ll try to contact all of them. It takes time. But please Don’t make me wait.”

Ando walk away from the room and leave Toushi alone.


Ayakaoru already arrive to the shrine. It’s in the fortress but the shrine is isolated from normal human because of the mysterious rumour that her little brother keep spreading, about ghost and sprit wandering around the shrine to make them stop coming to the shrine ever again.

The shrine got a priceless scenery , with icy lake and frozen hills. All along the way is full of sakura blossom. It’s like the shrine was a blessing from a god.

When Ayakaoru passing by the old big tree and the old swing that Miran used to play with when she is still young. She notice that the swing is clean. It’s like someone just use the swing.

Ayakaoru start rushing to the main room. When she open the door,she notice there is a body figure that sit in front of the god idol.

“it’s about time..miss shrine maiden san”

Ayakaoru smiled “that’s expected”

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: CHAPTER 05 = THE HOLY CHAMBER   Tue May 12, 2009 1:51 am

Ayakaoru stunned a little while when she see the figure in front of her. That figure is sitting in front of the God Idol and as always and she looks at them like she never knew the world before.

Ayakaoru smiled and approached the girl. “That’s expected” said Ayakaoru.

That girl turn her back and looks at Ayakaoru. “’re here” said the girl with bitter smile. She looks like just saw a ghost. She is still trembling and her pale skin turn into somewhat red. She deeply confuse.

Ayakaoru come close and smiled with gentle face she said, “Everything going to be alright , dono”

“Can you take care of the rest? I’m sure you know where is my direction.”Said the girl,Miran with full of confident.


“I’m going out of this world ..I’m going to search for the saint of Genbu” Miran smiled.

“Are you sure that’s your own choice?” ask Ayakaoru.

“indeed. Before the Youkai make me far worse. Plus...” Miran can’t continue her speech.

“Plus? You want to get your memory back?” ask Ayakaoru.

Miran just stay silence.

It happen about 10 years ago, where Miran suddenly disappear after the death of previous ruler , Miran’s father, Masashi Ginzou. The cause of death is still remain unknown. People believe that Miran was kidnapped by the nationalist but after a few month, Miran return to the castle with empty eyes, non a single memory left within her. She takes time to trust her brother,Toushi.

After the taboo history,Miran still live like a normal person should although,she got no pass memories of her and nobody seems to tell her the truth of her past because of Tousho order.

“Times goes by,we can never stay the same.” Said Ayakaoru.

“I know,but it’s my life..I’m the one that control it” said Miran.

“you know you’re alone in this travel? You got no Ando or Mori to accompany you.” Said Ayakaoru

“I’m well aware of it.” Miran sighed.

Ayakaoru sighed, “There is nothing I can help since the dono I know now will never change heart. Very well then,you can pass”

“Thank you” said Miran.

Ayakaoru bring Miran to the holy chamber where the transportation door lies.

The door look old and the color seems fade. Ayakaoru cast a spell to the paper and throw it to the door area and the spell is glowing. This is the first time Miran look at the power of shrine. She stunned when the door suddenly transform into silver gold door.

“It’s beautiful” said Miran.

Ayakaoru smiled and said “before you go,can I touch your head?”

“uhm? You want to cast a spell on me too? Come to think of it,you didn’t wear a glove today” said Miran

“I just need to ensure your safety ,that’s all. Don’t you trust me? Said Ayakaoru with calm voice.

“yes,I do” said Miran with a little confuse in her heart.

Ayakaoru eyes suddenly change into silver. Miran shocked and she can’t move from her current place. She just close her eyes but a few second later, Miran try to open her eyes and she can see Ayakaoru’s soft face turn into somewhat heartless face. Ayakaoru put her hand on Miran’s head and suddenly the silver eyes is gone.

“Done” said Ayakaoru happily.

“Y-Youkai..what kind of power you have?” ask Miran.

“ah..that,..people call me as the seer. I can see someone future or pass in, but my limitation is, I can’t tell everyone about what I see or the god will punish me. Said Ayakaoru calmly.

“So,that is the reason why you wearing the gloves” say Miran

“yes,it’s to bothersome to see everyone future, right?”said Ayakaoru while giggling.

Miran smiled. She turn her back and look at the door.

“with your Youkai,is it ok if you let me pass..can you see mine? Said Miran

Ayakaoru just stay silence. Her hand is shaking.

Miran assume that when Ayakaoru stay silence,that’s mean she agree with her. Just when Miran take her first step to the door, she heard Ayakaoru’s voice.

“Going there is fine, but to’s frightening”

“its fine,I’ll endure it with all my strength. I will be back” said Miran before she disappear in other dimension.

Ayakaoru fall in a sitting position. She is panting.

“I can’t take it anymore..” said Ayakaoru before she faint.

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PostSubject: CHAPTER 06 = THE FOUR BEAST   Tue May 12, 2009 1:55 am

“Why you let her pass through?”

That’s the voice that Ayakaoru hear right after she open her eyes. Her eye sight seems unstable and she can see the figure of men and women.

“Is that you, Yuya? Lockey?”

“Why you let her pass through? Ask yuya furiously.

“You know what will happen to her if you done that right? Why?? Why you have to make everything seems complicated? Why?!!” ask Yuya again with trembling voice.

“calm down Yuya” said Lockey.

“I’m sorry nee sama,we happen to see you running to the shrine.” Said Lockey.

Ayakaoru just stay silence.

“It’s fine. It’s such a long time since I use my power. I need to rest. Please” Said Ayakaoru after her long silence. Yuya clinched her teeth and get out from the room. Locke sighed and follow Yuya.


About 3 hours later,Ayakaoru go to the hall and searching for Lockey and Yuya. She look better compare to before.

Yuya just look at Ayakaoru’s face and asking for explanation. Yuya is one of Miran’s trusted comrade and she is a great watcher. It’s rare to see Yuya being controlled by emotion but now,she has calm down a little.

“seriously, I can’t believe the dimension door work just fine just like the legendary shrine maiden, Lady Aoi did.” Said Lockey suddenly.

“nee sama ,where is the door lead Miran dono?”

“To the other world,correct?” said Yuya.

“yes, precisely,..either it’s future or past world.” Said Ayakaoru.

“What?!!” both Lockey and Yuya Shocked.

“seems dono manage to go to the future world with her power alone” said Ayakaoru.

“ wheres the saint of Genbu lies” said Yuya.

“ uh??” said Lockey.

“It’s on the book that I found at dono’s table about a month ago. It said that long time ago, there is 4 saint beast that control the cycle of the world. But after a bloody war that happen just because many ruler of the country want their power..they decide to separate for peace. And each of them go to 4 different world.” Said Yuya as she try to remember the detail.

“you remember all the thing you read?” said Lockey freak out.

“just because I assume that is important because that time I notice that dono changed a little”

“What is the 4 world?” ask Lockey

“It’s past, present, future, and dream world” said Ayakaoru.

“and the saint of Genbu is happen to be in the future world.” Said Yuya.

“what can the Genbu help her anyway?” ask Lockey.

“being in the future,he can reset or control the past.” Said Yuya.

“sort of,but more accurately, he can cure Miran’s memory, since he know what exactly happen here,now or the past.” Said Ayakaoru.

“ Memories? why she want that sad memories?” ask Lockey.

“She don’t even know what kind of past she’s been through.” Said Ando suddenly.

“Ando,you’re here?? Since when??” ask Ayakaoru panicked.

“I just drop by because I know Lockey was here and since Toushi sama ask me to gather the elite samurai I know. I was just about to ask you. Seems like I don’t have to searching for dono. She’s gone..” said Ando.

Ayakaoru just stay silence.

“no,don’t worry..I’ll not tell that monster” said Ando

“bring me to dono’s place” said Ando suddenly.

“are you crazy???” said Yuya.

“Don’t you know me yet??” said Ando. This time her aura is different.

”Me too..I want to go” said Lockey suddenly.

“you to Lockey?” ask Yuya.

“travel sound cool to me..heh” said Lockey.

“that can’t be help..take me too” Yuya sighed.

“we need at least five person to go” said Ayakaoru.

“what?? But you can send Miran alone!!” said Ando.

“she is different,I’ll send her even I have to die. That’s the agreement I made with Lady Aoi if I want to use the door. And for you guys, I need to 5 exact person who is strong enough to pass the door and can go to the future with fully control mind” said Ayakaoru

“control mind?you mean..we can go crazy there??” said Ando.

“no, if person from another world come to the other world,they will lost the momeries and the life force will be taken half..that’s a deed of 4 beast. So Aya,you mean we have have to be strong enough to reject the deed?” ask Yuya

“exactly. Our world known as The Origin so the beast thought if we remember anything happen in the future,we can automatically change the future.” Said Ayakaoru

“That can’t be help, I’ll go and ask him. There’s no one here that I completely trust. I’ll try to gather 5. Now we need only 2 right?” ask Ando

“you’re going to ask him? Seriously?” ask Lockey

“yep..yep” said Ando smiled.

“err..good luck then” said Lockey.


Miran just pass the door. And the world in front of her is very different. There is many skyscraper and even tall than Ginzou fortress. She looks clueless.

Everyone there look at her with weird looks because of the weird cloth she wearing. Miran just sit and she don’t have any idea what she have to do.

“urghh..headache..where is this place? Look familiar..” said Miran.

“Shinkirou..welcome back” suddenly there’s a voice of men behind her.

“I know that name..” said Miran.

She turn her back to search for the familiar voice. And she see a man with black suit, silver hair..smiling to her. Miran look clueless.

“I said, welcome back, Shinkirou” said that man.


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My ancient work that is
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