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 The Shelter

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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: The Shelter   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:38 pm

Since there's no one posting their 'arts' here, I'll post one but WAIT! I'm not going to write it till the end since I'm too busy. haha. So..if you guys have a brilliant idea how the story should go on, then feel free to message me and make the story go on flow.

Maybe some of you guys think that it's same as RPG. well..I'm kinda think the same too. but the different is, you play ALL the roles of the character. and make the storyline go on flow.It's up to you if you want to make the other character turn bad,and if any of you guys found it 'unfair' something about it [post other continuos story and turn the character as what you like]
It's still on progress,and I'm in my 'trying' phase.

So,here is the rules;

1] Grammar is not the priority one since we're no in English class. But please write something that is easy to understand at least. dun writ3 liek dis oke? Very Happy

2]Don't kill other character without any agreement.

3]There's many extra character. Feel free to use them as much as you like.

4]Think of the storylines and we can go on flow slowly. No rush. It's not the end of the world.

5] Everybody can be the hero. Sure sure..

6] I'll create another thread. We can talk about anything there about the story.

7] Choose your own character properly, and show the display picture too. give the details so it make it easier to write.

8] If you have an idea how the story should go on flow, please speak.

..I'm going to post first two story..and then,it's YOUR job how to make it..a story..with a great storyline of course.
Anyone who want to continue the third episode and so on, please message me. Post the story after one another.


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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
Job: Bounty Hunter, Bartender

PostSubject: #1   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:45 pm

*emergency alarm*
He tried to lure the thief down the alleyway. As the captain of the squad, Greg try to do his job very hard. The footsteps echoed down the alleyway as the squad run with its weapon. The captain looked so tired but he try to held it together as his other squad seems to be really exhausted.
He run through the darkness with his perfect sense. He still can hear vividly the thief s swiftly fast move. The squad followed him. a few minute after, he reached the end of the line and still, he can’t find the thief. He take a deep breath, cleared his throat and face his squad;
“he should be in this area. The “Blue Sapphire” should be with him. Find him immediately. I want him alive!!”
“yes, sir!!”they saluted.

The troops separated into two group. The first group go to the abandoned royal chamber. The walls were rusty and it looks like it will crush any second due to harsh vandalism. The troops try to look around the chamber. All they can found is rusty bed and unknown woods around it.
All of them notice the sound. It comes from the closet. As all of them point the gun to the closet, one of the troops try to check it, he slowly open the door. It’s nothing there except the spider web.
They turn away and began to leave the room. As all of them go to the next door, one of the troops stopped . He move backward as he notice one strange figure in front of him.
“what? Looking for this?” say the women with a big smile.
“blue sapphire!!” the guy accidentally yelled but he stopped immediately as he notice the cold blade against his next. It wasn’t the lady in front of him but it was another person behind him.
“aww, you shouldn’t make any noise. See? Now you make our path more difficult to handle.”
The blade tore through his neck leaving his head rolling onto the floor.
“hmmph.. fools” the red hair girl hissing with her most thin voice as she wiped her hand-stained with blood.
Suddenly, the loud echoes shotgun almost go through the women’s head. But she manage to dodge it instantly a second. But a ¼ of her hair was burned due to the shot.
She looked at her partner, furiously but she start to turn around. Some of the troops already die due to the shot.
“Ran. You want to give me a heart attack?? God, for heaven sake!!” the red hair girl yelled furiously to her partner, but still, she give her wide smile and she tied her hair again, carefully.
“aah, you look messy, Cat. I told you..kill with a gun is more tidy than the blade.” Say Ran as she try to adjust her hair..again.
“I prefer it silent than a heart attack sound.” Say Cat but her eyes constantly feel uneasy.
“we should get out of here.” Say Cat.
Ran take the dead soldiers uniform, she undressed them.
“Cat, any mood for cosplaying today?” Ran grin.
“I don’t have any choice, don’t I?” Cat sighed and slightly smiled.

“I thought that it’ll be difficult for us to enter the mansion. They were just a silly little soldier with a gun. Ppfft.. “ Said Ran suddenly right after they manage to get out from a main door. They sneak out easily with the costume. Ran look at Cat with curiosity. She looks ahead with a tense look as if she were thinking of something.
“Someone were following us.” Cat whispered to Ran.
Ran smiling.
Cat however still feel uneasy. Seems like something was bothering her.
“We need to get out of here asap.” Said Cat.
“He is not something that we can deal with.”
“you know him?”

“Freeze, thief” a voice said behind them.
Ran and Cat stopped for the moment and turned around. They found the leader of the brute squad pointing a handgun at them.
“seems like, we’re too late..uh? Mr...or should I say.. Captain Greg?” Said Cat after the moment.
“ah..Jackpot. what do we got here? Miss Jordan. Razor sure will be delightful if I bring you alive.” Greg snickered.
Cat snapped when she hear that name. But she manage to control herself though she’s gripping her fist tightly.
Ran just stay silence. She look at the surrounding. Most of the soldier already in their position. A couple of gold cannon on her west and four of it on the north.They’re ready to kill them with cannon any minute now. The escape path that she plan all along is just a few metre from them. Yet she can’t plan anyhow to escape.
Greg glared at them.
“Hand me the Blue Sapphire. Now”
“I’m sorry. I can’t. Anything but this gem.” Said Ran suddenly. She hopes that Greg understand what she mean.
“hahh!! What an interesting friend you got. You may go”
“I hope we’ll never meet again.” Said Ran then she disappear.
Cat just stay silence. She can’t move because Greg already pointing a handgun to her head.
“You shouldn’t do that, Greg. It IS a big mistake.”
“Your job should be take the gem. Not me.”
“well, even though she manage to get away from me, that doesn’t mean that she can get away from our main gates.
“Another mistakes. She refuse to fight here because she was considering our life and our task. We’re always better when we fight alone.” Cat grin.
“Don’t be too confident Cat”
“well, I don’t. What now?”
Greg glared at Cat
“Enough with this smug attitude, Cat. It’s over. In the name of Lord Meha,I place you under arrest for stealing the Gem.” Greg was about to take out his batch.
Cat frowned and looked concerned.
“That is not going to work out, dear.” Cat began adjusting her neck, and move her hand a little bit higher. She opened her soldier costume slowly start from the upper button. The soldier around them begin to panic.
“What the hell are you planning to do.. s- strippers in front of us?”
“I found it uneasy to fight with all of this crap.” Cat throw the costume in front of Greg and with a blink of the eyes, she manage to escape from the handgun.
A few shots was fired randomly by the army. But they didn’t manage to shot Cat. She moves faster and before they know it. She was behind Greg and pointing his handgun directly to his throat.
“You should know OUR ability,Greg.”
Cat try to looks what is left in her pocket. –I think I’ve used all the bomb-
“Darn it” Cat suddenly remember.
What’s left in her now is just a little red round ball. It’s her favourite bomb. She refuse to use it but the situation leave her no other choice.
“Honestly, I would like to play with you longer, but I have an appointment to make. How about we pick this up,later? Uhm? How about the day after tomorrow?”
“Great,It’s a date then.!!”
Cat takes the red ball out from her pocket. She adjust it a little bit.
The soldier can’t do anything since Cat take their leader as a hostage.
She stared at them and grin.
“you people better be worth it”

“you’re late” said Ran when Cat suddenly appear up to their shelter.
She caught her breath.
“Heh..silence you, little traitor.”
“You can’t blame me.” Said Ran.
Cat hold something in her hand. “This”
Ran laughing. “That Captain must be stupid. He thought that I got the Gem.”
“he is wasted.”
“Indeed, but it is amusing. You know him?”
“Captain Greg. The ex-member of Phantom. Everybody here know that traitor.” A man voice said suddenly appear in front of them.
“ jerk, you were spying all along!” said Ran
“That’s me!!” The man called Taiki laugh.
“You have your fun, Tai.” Said Cat.
“Eclipse will be mad if he know you go to that mansion. You know?” said Taiki to Cat.
“Cut it out. This is the Gem.” Said Cat suddenly.
“I run out of my good mood today.”
“you should take a rest.”
“yep.. see yea..” Cat take a little key on the table and walk away from them.
“What is with her?” Ran asked,a bit annoyed.
“uhm?” Taiki asked Ran unwillingly.
“She’s been like that since that Greg mention about that Razor thingy person.” Ran answered.
“Just let her be” said Taiki and walk away.


The doors to office shifted open as Greg walked towards Peter’s desk. Peter is one of Greg’s superior. They work for the most outstanding government thus make them known as “The 13”. They were responsible for the world peace.
-well, that is what most people thought they are.-
At least certain people know, there’s ‘something’ even more greater than the government.

The country; Laro is the most beautiful country,ever. It was the closest thing to heaven that the citizens of Laro would ever witness. Fully controlled by a government. But there was a rebellion taking place. Lord Meha still thought these barbarians would eventually give in to the power of society. The same was true with Mafia organizations appearing randomly throughout the world. To the citizens, they are not fully aware of the country that they loved, also hiding a secret. Though the country seems to be closest thing to heaven, it’s also nearest to the hell.

Every Laro’s creature that well aware of it, leave almost everything just for one goal; to bring back their real nation or taking an advantage of it.. Forget the heaven. All they want is, freedom.

Peter smile cynically at Greg while he sipped his hot tea.
“How’s the Blue Sapphire?”
“Gone” Greg’s groaned. His man pride hurts.
Peter laughed.
“You lose ,again? How can that happen? To a women?..tch”
“That kid.. is not just a ‘women’..worthless test tube..”
“She’s one of our failed experiment. Capture her.”
“Razor. He will against it.”
“Who cares?!. Just erase her. You will make that happen. Something was hiding her. Erase ‘it’ too”
“sir!” Greg nodded and walk away from the office.


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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
Age: 20
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PostSubject: #2   Tue Jan 27, 2009 1:48 pm

Ando dug in her pocket. Searching for her last pennies. She got none. The hot weather pissed her off. She sat awhile on the rusty chair. It used to be a bus stop. The rusty sign was about to collapse. Suddenly, her phone rang. She looked blankly at the screen. Private number. She were hesitating to pick it up. Enough trouble, for now. But the phone keep screaming and it’s quite disturbing to hear the ringtones; theme song of her favourite cartoons, Spongebob. She’s quite enjoying the song, and she well aware that people around her totally annoyed with the ringtones. Strange, she’s happy with it. After for a while, she had her fun enough ; she picked up the phone. Finally.
She take a deep breath, sighed.
“wrong number, dumbass!!”
“Miss Ando, we got job for yea.”
“Baka sama..ah?”
“come to my office.”
“Big fish?”
“I love you.” Ando smiled. She finally stand up from that rusty chair. And for about a second, the chair split into two.

Ando walked by to the glasses tower. She entered the lift and searching something in her bag.
“found it” Ando hold a weird silver card. She scanned the card. The lift suddenly stopped.
Sudden blue ray scanned her body. The soprano voice interrupting her.
–it is a robot, Ando called it lift ghost.-
“Clear” said the ‘lift ghost’ after scanned her body.
Ando sighed.
“Password?” the soprano voice asked Ando.
“I want to be rich” said Ando unwillingly.
The lift become normal again. No more weird ray. It begin to move.
The door opened. Ando walked in. There were a few others in the room, all bounty hunters and quite well armed. She ignored them but in her way to the main office, she recognize them one by one.
She go to the receptionist.
“I’m here for Yuki” said Ando.
“She’s waiting for you inside.” Said the receptionist.

The doors to office shifted open as Ando walked towards Yuki’s desk. Ando found out that there is another person in that room. She recognize that posture. It’s like a nightmare. She begin to scream.
That person turn around his chair. His smile begin to fade.
Yuki smile with pleasure. She treat them like her own children. Both Ando, and another guy; Mori. He got pierced eyes, dark brown eyes with black hair. Although he’s only in his teen age, his high is 183 cm, not normal for an Asian guy like him. unlike Ando, she seemed to be a foreigner. With her silver hair and blue eyes. But she claimed herself as a true Asian, plus a samurai. That’s why she always bring her “bokutou” along.
As yuki, around her middle age now. One of the beauty, truly sophisticated women. Mori and Ando respected her very much.
“Now kid, stop arguing or I’ll send you guys home.” Said Yuki half mad.
“Why you have to bring that brat too??” Ando asked furiously.
“Have respect,young lady!! I’m older than you!” said Mori,grin.
“Urghhhhh!!!!!” Ando screamed, and she take her sit eventually.
Mori smiled. Yuki giggling. Ando blushed. She’s mad.
“Cut it out. Here’s the task.” Yuki put up her serious face.
Both Mori and Ando take the envelope.
“10 Million???!!? Ando screamed. Mori almost choked when he read the blue paper.
“Yes, I take that for yea.. but for this time, we worked for a government. Full” Yuki put her glass on and start to typing something on her laptop.
“I know this guy. Red Mirage. Nobody dare to take this bounty though.” Mori clicked his lighter again. Lighting up his cigarettes.
“Interesting. I take it.” Ando smiled.
“Hold it. This is not a single job. Mori, go with her.” Yuki stopped typing and sipped her tea.
“No way!! Me alone. I’ve worked in this damn company for a while now. I know how-“
“Deal. Split the bounty then!” Mori take out his sword and smiled.
“this beauty need an action.”
“Urghh..I can’t believe this!!” Ando groaned.
“If you refuse to go with him, I’m afraid we can’t take this job. It’s too dangerous.” Yuki pour another cup of tea.
“Fine!! Ando agreed.
‘This guy probably know so much about the government that I could both get a huge bounty and finally understand this god forsaken place. Don’t you want to know what the hell is going on in our ‘Heaven’?” Mori stated his goal.
“Screw the government!! I was paying my bloody taxes, they take almost everything I owned now!! God, I need that bounty.” Ando still pissed with one of the officer she met at the government office. Short fat blonde officers. She lost her home, and her beloved motorcycle, just to pay the taxes.
“I’ve heard. Heh. Double poor!!” Mori begin to stand up.
“Need to go. Date comin’ through.”
“With Mayor’s daughter or so I’ve heard?” Said Yuki.
“Ah..nope. she’s on Friday. Arika chan is today.. or not..err” Mori checked the calendar on his PDA.
“ahh..silly. today is Misa chan.” Mori smiled and walk away from the room.
“Wish me luck buds!! Someone need to pay those holy car and my rent!!” Mori waved.
“pssshhd.. “ Ando pissed off.
Yuki just smiled.
“You need to find yourself a very good husband, dear. It’s time-“ Yuki stated.
“I’m outta here!!” Ando walkaway from the room and carried the envelope.
“tomorrow, Airport!!” Yuki half yelling just to remind Ando.
Ando waved her hand. She hear Yuki’s voice.
Yuki smiled and begin to typed something on her computer.
“It’s time for a little children learn a lesson of life.”
She sipped her tea. “It’s bitter.”

It was early in the morning. Ando keep chewed her gummy bear. She’s been keeping her precious gummy since there’s no money left in her pocket, or her piggy bank. This new bounty is her last hope. She was never get any spirit or enthusiasm to catch or gain the bounty but her money condition force her to do so. She wants to be a bounty hunter just because to search her father’s killer. But never to support her life-or anything. She keep looking at the big watch in front of her.
“his late” Ando cursed someone deep inside.
They suppose to board on plane about 30 minute from now.
After a while, her phone rang. She picked that up instantly.
“Ando, you go first. I got something super-important-urgent things to do. Sorry” It was Mori. He turn off the connection after he finish that sentence. Ando can’t even replied his.
“ ... I sure hope that someone shoot you to death.” She murmured.

It was always quiet in the Peter’s office. His routine were always the same; typing, and sometimes drink a coffee.. though sometimes, there’s mad people or somehow weird one enter the office. But he was never bothered by them. He is one of ‘The 13’ and comfortable with his current status. His month salary equal to the 10 years of working as a normal army.
Greg enter the office. Peter, as always, smoked his pipe while typing. He was not surprised Greg come to the office again. Without knocking. It’s five times today.
“Do you know, a device called phone? Or maybe an internet, Greg?” Peter sighed. Greg could contact him via phone. His face he sees everyday, bored him. he always wanted a sexy chick to become his underlings. But the skill that the department require failed his desire.
“sir, I don’t trust any of those device. Someone might hear us.” Greg smiled.
“whatever you said. So, what kind of information you’ll bring to me? Blue sapphire? Or rather.. Miss Jordan as a fugitive?”
“spared the detail. I want to know how you’re going to find both.”
“ all I know, the organization that she’s joining have no relation with any mafia or rebel.”
“your point is?”
“the organization she’s in is willing to do anything as long as they got cash.”
“than, the Blue Sapphire ?”
“ someone is rich enough to pay them to stole it. And both of them, got the skill.”
“rich uh? There’s a lot of people.”
“we can find it back with ease of course.”
“Night market. The place where the stole priceless thing were sold.” Greg smiled.
“How do you propose to catch the kitty?” Peter looked at Greg asked for the answer.
Greg smiled with confident. “I have put a bounty on her head. Bounty hunters all over the world will be after the 10 million.”
“What kind of information do you give to them?”
“Treason criminal. I rather die than describe her as an early twenty-women who got bionic trait in her blood.”
“That’s rather humiliating.”
“But I’ll give them the picture as long as they come safely to this headquarters.”
“How about her ‘friend’?”
“it will be on list.”
“Good. I can’t wait for the result. You may go.”
“sir!” Greg saluted and left the room.
Greg was an excellent soldier. He was obedient and always followed the orders. It’s one out of hundred to find a loyal subordinate in their world. Greg was a high rank soldier under the 13. Aside of Peter, there’s 12 more of his ‘Bosses’. Peter is the only member of ‘the 13’ that he always met. Another was remain silence. Some of them was unknown and sometimes some of them hang around the headquarters without no one knows who they are and sometimes, they even cause uproarious.
Not many understand what they want. Each with their own specific job or task. Peter is one skilled fighter. He can control tons of army. That’s why, he always in his office. Without him, the army will turn upside down. Have fear on the 13-

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PostSubject: Re: The Shelter   Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:40 pm

The private plane arrives a minute after Mori called. As Ando entered, a hand ruffles her hair.

“Yo! How was my Ando-chan?”
“Baka-sama?!” Ando was surprise to see him now. And she was really shy to admit that she was blushing..[hehehe]
“Im perfectly cool!!!” she whooped.

An old man wearing black appeared. He had this dark, slightly gaze but wary eyes.
“Greetings! I will be your escort to the 13 headquarter under Mr. Greg’s order. Please be prepared, will be taking off to Laro”

Half an hour after the flight. Baka-sama glide on a parachute leaving Ando bored with no one to talk to, except the old man. But she didn’t want talking to him, she instead enjoy the sceneries under. She just wishes that Baka-sama had stayed longer, but he can’t, he had this important mission. She chuckle; she can still feel the warmth on her right cheek.

“Hey! Hey! What’s our plan Cat?” Ran asked as she shines her armor into its perfect luster.
“Its set, at midnight; night market.” They have looked into each others serious visage.
“Alright then!!!” she continued shining and had now the curiosity and excitement on what is about to happen.
“As always I have to tag along” Taiki interrupted.
“of course, just don’t get on our way” Cat answered.
“Got it!” he leaves the shelter and wink goodbye. “See you ladies at midnight!! I have a call of duty for now!”

The plane arrives at Laro 2 hours after. The 13 headquarter was tight in security, Ando was thankful she has escort if not; it will take time for her to broke onto its system. Finally the old man opened the door to Greg’s office.

“Good morning!” the old man greets him. “This is Ms. Ando”
Greg stood and extends a hand, “just call me Greg…its nice of you to come over.”
I don’t shake hands; let’s come to business shall we? Ando said with a raise brow.
“Thank you Philip you may go” the old man nodded and leave.
“Have a seat” he offered, I heard they were two of you? What happened to the other?
“I have no idea, but Yuki won’t agree without him on the mission” Ando comfy herself on the chair.
“I see” he takes an envelope in his drawer, and presents it to her. “That’s the profile of red mirage.”

She examine the documents including the photograph attach to it. This red mirage, she looks just a year or two older than herself. And she has these mysterious sharp eyes, for a while Ando just stares at it and realize; she is dangerous and not that type to be easy on. But at the same time she is also interesting, yes, indeed.

“I hope you understand the confidentiality of this. I know its weird that you have to come over here just to gain this information.” he explains with a serious face.
Uh huh! I won’t ask just how much she’s important to this association, coz I see…
so this is she, our target, all I have to do is to capture and bring her alive in this station… and I get the bounty is that right?”
“Correct. This evening at night market the operation takes place. It’s a bonus if you can capture the others too.
“Haha!!! That’s if luck is really on my side” Ando laugh, and gave a high five at Greg’s.
And for what reason he just responds. “I thought you don’t like any hand contact?”
“I just don’t like shaking that’s all, so can I go now? she asked.”
“Sure Ms. Ando you may, our discussion is finished.”
She stood and gave a wide grin. “Alright! Prepare the bounty for I shall bring that red mirage here!” then she leaves with a banged door.
Greg just smiled “What a woman”.

The night market is grand and huge but confined in Laro’s people. Still it was a busy place. Then there is this tower where the bidding takes place for rare things and where important, rich people gathered.

The bidding starts at 500,000 USD
Double it! a gentleman declares.
a lady stands 2,000,000
a man wearing black bids 3,000,000
Going higher, the host announces
a child raise a hand 3,500,000
A woman offers 5,000,000
Any higher than 5,000,000? The crowd was silent.
Blue sapphire is sold for 5,000,000USD!

Oh …5,000,000 Cat!? Ran shouted.
“Yeah baby!!! Lets go!” While the next item was presented, the two stands and leaves the crowd.

At the corridor going to transaction area a woman wearing a mask appeared upon them, and holds a bokutou. The two automatically knew that it was war.

“Hi! Red mirage and company! the woman smirk”
“How dare you call me company!? Its ran! You here!” she throws a needle at the stranger. But she had easily dodged it.
“Hey! I wasn’t able to introduce myself yet. The name is Ando, a bounty hunter for you!”
“Enough the chit chats!” Cat charge in with her sword and Ando shielded it with her bokutou, then Ran jump over the two fighting woman and gave a chuckle “see you bounty hunter!”
“What?! No fair!” Ando yelled.

When Ran arrives at the transaction place she saw the woman, she suddenly gave her a familiar look but at the same time it was dark and mysterious, she is now with a black suited man, he stood, gave the suitcase and they shake hands. ”It was a good deal Ms. Ran.” she was shocked to hear her name called by the man. She always uses a different codename into any transactions at black market.

“You’re under arrest!”

She didn’t even manage to make a move, for just a second she just realize that she was already pined by all the AK pointing at her and she was handcuffed. She recognize the uniforms, it was the 13.

They unlocked the room and entered, it was cozy but secluded in the 13 headquarter; besides its own security system that was terminated by the thieves, it had two vast robots at the entrance. But it was still and not even a threat, so they just ignore.

“Ssshhh… quietly now” Cat whispered.
“Almost there…"Ran uttered.
*click* the vault opened.
“Got it!” their voices sync
“Lets get out of here!”

“Good job Greg!” peter said as he was reading the report.
So what now? What will we do with those two women on the cell? Greg demanded.
Don’t ask me! I don’t have any idea what Razor’s plan is…just ensure that the two won’t leave this station.
Greg examines his suit trying to find something …”what the…that little…” he suddenly leaves the room with a rush.
“What happened to him?…whatever his always like that… unreachable!” Peter sighs.

“Wait hold it!” Ran suddenly stop, “there’s a man heading this way, quick hide!”

The two thieves eventually hid themselves on the ceiling and stay put, no breathing, eyes watching, then as the man pass, Cat eyes grow deep and was shock at the sight of the man-it was Razor! At that very moment, she collapse, thank goodness Ran got a hold of her.

“Oh shoot! I can’t hold any longer” she mumble, just as he disappeared in there sight, the unconscious Cat dropped off on the floor but didn’t regain her wits. Then Ran still holding on the ceiling bar, swings and jump over her partner. “You won’t really stir up? Yah!”
“Argh! Cat finally recovered. “What are you trying to do…kill me?!” she yelled.
“Don’t get so loud”, she reminded her “be thankful your awake now! ha-ha [^__^]…!” Operation Jump Over Cat at 145 kg-successes!

Greg was in panic at the sight of all the guards on a heap and the broken cell, this might be his concerned all this time. As he entered the cell as expected, his anxiety was confirmed, it was empty. He immediately ordered the guard to do all the necessary actions to isolate the thieves.

“Yippee! Now the bounty is in our hands Mori! Ando dancing while holding the 10 million check, “what should I do with my share…hmmm…”
“Uh huh! Now let’s head back to our office and report this to Yuki.” Mori said.
“Thank… you!” Cat snatched the check in her hands as they passed them while in a hurry to leave”…and nice to meet you…again!” she smirked then waved a hand, and her partner gave a tongue…”Bleh!”
Wow sexy ladies! Mori now thrilled.
“Hey! Give that back!” she shouts with all her rage and chase them. Good thing the 13 force was also after them now. But their too late, the thieves had already escaped with their getaway vehicle.

“Just as planned!” Cat said “we have the transaction cash, this confidential data about the Bionic Weapon, and we even stole my bounty from that Ando girl! Ha-ha…luck is on our side”.
“Wait a minute… look!” Ran grinned. ! I’ve still got something! She takes the blue sapphire out. “I’ve got this from Greg!”
“But, how?” Cat asked.
“Where thief, isn’t it!” she chuckles… “that Greg wasn’t attentive much. By the way what happened back there, you collapse…”
Cat was just silent and had a serious face.
“But I guess it was a good thing you’re in your fist shaking with anger; if you have charge in our planned would be ruined then.” Ran said. “But then again I think you have enjoyed the company of that bounty hunter, you kept me waiting on that miserable prison almost an hour”
“You bet! She’s something! And then her bishie partner came and it just makes our fight more interesting!”
Really? Miss it!” she shouted and saw how her partner changes quickly into her jolly attitude again showing that she doesn’t want to be reminded of that Razor guy. “You should have fought them head on…that would be one of content.”
“No this data is worth my capture.” she examines the document and read through. “Hey here’s the list of the Bionics.” She was shock to read a certain name “Sea Ranisha isn’t this…”
“What? Is that for real?” She snatch the list from Cat and read it. “Wah! I’m bionic?! Cool!”
“Ladies we have company…13 is following us and oh…” he saw a girl standing and shouting at them. Taiki said as he drives. “You bring an extra trouble this time…haha!”

The two women were just talking and not even listening to him. They were confident at his capabilities to get through with this.

You girls… he smirks “as always, that’s why I like you, you leave the best part to me...”
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The Shelter
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