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 Games Rules a.k.a please read

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Name: ando tsubasa
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PostSubject: Games Rules a.k.a please read   Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:33 pm

when creating new game threads...please bear in minds these following rules

Repeated or similar game formats are prohibited
i know u guys are creative folks so please look through all the games that have been created before thus avoid from creating same games or games that have similar formats. simple isnt it?
come on people..what if one person created a 3 word games..and other created 4 words game and so on...isnt that a pain?!!

Games with no sense will be locked
remember that games involves everyone in the is not a private jokes among friends.if any of games created discriminates anyone, it will be closed.

Chatting or irrelevant spams are not allowed
just play the game as it intended to be played.there will be no chatting or spamming allowed here.there will be some off-topics moments..but dont make it a habit and please continue to play the games. spams will be deleted without warning!

No double posts
people loves to double post and i just dont know why!! any double poster will be warned...if u kept disobeying this rule...i'll ask the higher ups to delete ur goddamn account!

Read the first post!
the first post is mainly about how to play the please read it,and comprehend it. dont just simply came into the thread and do whatever u wanted to in the thread.

and of course..basic rules like no flaming is applied in this thread! for more inquiries, please ask the mods

[rules may be edited as time passes and according to the environmental changes Razz ]

so now, please obey the rules and please enjoy the game as it is intended to be. dont simply spam every games. mods will have lots of troubles to clear up any unnecessary posts! trust me...that wont be nice. Exclamation
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Name: Miran Xavier (Miran)
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PostSubject: Re: Games Rules a.k.a please read   Fri Aug 01, 2008 1:51 pm

*stickied the thread*

means, no poor reason for not noticing the rules..
remember..the big boss is still watching.. clown

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Games Rules a.k.a please read
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